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Not only do we have a brand new website (we’re so excited), our clients are doing some pretty great things too! We don’t usually like to brag about ourselves, but we’re happy to do so, on their behalf. This week, our top stories include Theater Three Collaborative‘s staged play reading, CityPoint‘s day in court, and Prof. Micha Tomkiewicz‘s blog printed in the newspaper.

Theater Three Collaborative performed a reading of selected excerpts of their new climate change play, “Extreme Whether, on September 23rd at Columbia University as part of The Human Impact Institute’s 10 days of Climate Action. You can also read our interview with Arctic ice scientist Dr. Jennifer Francis, whose science was featured in the play.

The CityPoint petitioners turned out several hundred people at a rally in front of the Manhattan State Supreme Court (60 Centre Street) prior to the court hearing on Tuesday, September 24th. Union and community groups, along with Assemblymember Walter T. Mosley, filed the Article 78 suit in May to demand fair wages and benefits for construction workers at the publicly subsidized City Point project in downtown Brooklyn. The crowd included various construction unions, local community groups and several elected officials. Both sides have presented their arguments, but the judge has yet to release a verdict. The developer Acadia Realty Trust, which is responsible for the CityPointproject, has been involved in a controversial back and forth with Assemblymember Mosley. Acadia printed an ad calling for Mosley to back out of the law suit, while Mosley responded by calling them out on their lies, after finding that the two alleged signees of the letter against him had neither written it nor authorized the use of their names.

Prof. Micha Tomkiewicz, who writes the blog Climate Change Fork, just had one of his blogs reprinted in a local Brooklyn Paper, “Our Time Press.” This success follows his recent hour long interview with Pleasantville Community TV, in which he discusses climate change, the democratization of science, his history as a Holocaust survivor and why he views climate change as a “self-perpetrating genocide.” One of his posts was also featured recently on the widely read and respected blog, Skeptical Science.


Neighborhood Housing Services participated with other housing agencies to find Eligible potential home buyers who could qualify for a $30,000mortgage down payment grant on any home in the Bronx or Brooklyn through Wells Fargo’s $9.5 million CityLIFTSM program.The program was quite successful and NHS is pleased to announce that its first mortgage, given to a family for a home in the Bronx, has successfully closed. More information coming soon.

Energy Vision did a “white towel test” to see the difference in particulates emitted by old diesel refuse trucks versus the new natural gas models.  Here is a video of the results– it’s pretty shocking.



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