What PR Plus means

  • We go above and beyond normal PR to formulate a plan just for you.
  • At LCG, we sit down with all potential clients and work with them, first and foremost, to design a communications plan that will help meet specific goals. We then choose the communications and media tools we think will work best.
  • We offer clients a full range of services, so you don’t have to hire an ad firm, a public relations firm, and a TV and radio production firm – we do it all from here: one place, one full package.

Strategic Planning & Public Relations

Sure, you’ve heard of public relations – but what do public relations firms do? A lot of people know about press releases, but there’s much more to it.
A plan might include “traditional” public relations, some advertising, events –whatever is needed (Yes, that does include press releases). Each and every client’s plan is different. There are no templated plans and rubber stamp ideas. That’s what makes it strategic.


We offer our clients a full range of services, including:

• Press Releases • Newsletters / Email News Bulletins
• Media Training • Speech Writing
• Media Advisories • Public Service Announcements
• Q&A’s • Community Outreach
• Advertisements • Networking
• Public Speaking Preparation • Video Presentations
• Political Strategy

PR+: Do It!

At LCG, it’s not about us – it’s all about you.  We aren’t looking to make a bigger name for ourselves- you are the star of our show.

We believe in letting you speak for yourself. This means that while we won’t speak for you, we are happy to provide training for you to do so. Whether you have no training in public speaking, talking to reporters or fielding questions, or you just need some brushing up, we can help you to become the spokesperson you need.

Not only that, but we believe that all people have the capacity to strategize about the direction of their own communications. At LCG, we don’t just work for you- we work with you. Public relations gets a reputation for being mysterious and daunting. We explain everything as we go along, to show you that not only should the process not be stressful, but you can eventually learn to do some of the aspects for yourself. This may sound like we’re putting ourselves out of a job, but we really do think that pr should first and foremost be accessible to our clients. LCG is all about supporting Davids against the Goliaths of this world – since all of our clients are actively working for social change, the more of them who know the secrets to pr, the better armed they will be against their respective giants.

We have taught public relations courses at Cornell and Hunter, and trained Unions and Foundations, not to mention numerous individual clients. We even have an online course that will soon be available at Knowledge Fountain! Having a press conference? Staging an event? Planning a protest? We can prepare you to be confident, eloquent, and efficient.

So in order to get you under way on the education part of the program, watch this space– every other week, we will present you with some free training materials. To get started, here’s our primer on strategies for dealing with Media Interviews.