Posted by Linda Gross | September 26, 2013 | Under LCG Blog

We always tell our clients that our goal is to help them expand their presence in as many ways as possible.  So, after several years of needing to (oops!), we finally took our advice and did a complete overhaul of our own website.  We are proud to be launching it now, along with corresponding social media accounts — now you can do as we say and as we do.

We also have a new PR+: Do It! section, where we will periodically provide you with free materials to help you get started on understanding and doing some of your own PR.

This, meanwhile, is our space to wax poetical or rant philosophical about both the business of PR, and the social/societal issues we are passionate about. We specialize in working with nonprofits and cause campaigns, so clearly, community means a lot to us.  We are also, necessarily, tied in with the cadre of journalists, so we take notice of broad changes and general trends in that industry as well.

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